OEP – Principal Business Officer – Interim Office for Environmental Protection

Grade: Grade 7

Reference: 123846

Location: Worcester

Salary: £47,549 to £54,728

Closing Date: 21 Jun 2021

Job description

The Principal Business Officer will provide key corporate services at the heart of the OEP. They will ensure the Directors, Senior Leadership Team and Board have the information and insight necessary to discharge their responsibilities for management, oversight and delivery of the OEP’s key strategic programmes. The role holder will play an essential role in ensuring the OEP’s work is strategically aligned and has impact in achieving what the OEP is here to do.

The role holder will support the Head of Business Strategy and Planning in developing and co-ordinating the OEP’s corporate strategy. They will develop, lead and operate the OEP’s strategic business planning, prioritisation and resource management approach, ensuring the OEP is responsive, agile and nimble; that work programmes are strategically aligned and that expected outcomes are assured.

The role holder will lead and be responsible for the development and operation of the OEP’s strategic management information, ensuring the SLT and Board have up-to-date, accurate and purposeful information on which to make decisions, including the OEP’s corporate risk framework and evaluation of the OEP’s impact and value for money.

The role holder will lead activities required to support project and programme management disciplines across the OEP and support the Head of Business Strategy and Planning implement and assure key governance across the organisation including with the Board. The role holder will chair, operate and assure appropriate committees, project, programme and delivery boards as determined by the senior leadership team.

The role holder will be responsible for ensuring the OEP’s strategy is understood and clear to all colleagues internally and support delivery of the OEP’s strategic external communications including its corporate strategy, corporate plan and annual report.

The role holder will work with their team in an agile and flexible way to provide these services to the business and deputise for the Head of Business Strategy and Planning across all their responsibilities.

The OEP will be working on a wide variety of issues at any given time and we are looking for people who will be able to work flexibly across multiple work areas, when needed. For example, in addition to your standard duties you may called to support a specific high-profile investigation or piece of thematic analysis and be comfortable working in an environment where priorities and objectives may shift.

We are looking for individuals, from any background, who have the enthusiasm and flexibility to help us grow and develop this exciting new organisation. If this sounds like
something you would be interested in, we would love you to get in touch.

Information Webinars:

As the OEP is a new organisation, Defra will be hosting a webinar during the application period to provide potential candidates with further information about the OEP and the roles – for more information please visit the event page: http://oeprecruitment.eventbrite.com


• Engage closely with the senior leadership team and the wider management of the OEP on issues of strategy, corporate governance, organisational design and operation, fulfilling a wide range of commissioned activities to develop OEP’s thinking and strategy on specific issues.

• Support the Head of Business Strategy and Planning to prepare the corporate strategy, corporate plan, annual reports and statutory reports and statements required in the Environment Bill on behalf of the Board for external publication.

• Lead business planning across the organisation to ensure OEP develops deliverable plans which are strategically aligned and deliver known outcomes within OEP’s strategic priorities.

• Develop and maintain OEP’s approach to ensure its activities and resources are continually prioritised and controlled to ensure maximum value for money.

• Develop and maintain OEP’s corporate performance management framework including the suite of management information to support the SLT and Board maintain strategic and operational oversight of OEP.

• Develop and maintain a framework to measure, monitor and report on OEP’s impact against its principal objective, including leading on evaluation practice in the organisation.

• Develop and maintain the risk framework, ensuring the effective management of risk through the organisation.

• Ensure OEP’s strategy is well understood across the organisation, in a way which all colleagues can engage with and take action from.
• Write compelling narrative and work at pace to draft high quality briefings and strategic reports for the Board, ministers, senior management and decision-making committees.

• Maintain leading knowledge of good practice and theory in strategy, regulatory strategy, planning, corporate performance and risk management and corporate governance and use a continuous improvement approach to these disciplines within the OEP.

• Support the management of the OEP’s relationship with Defra and lead for developing and briefing for Defra Ministers as required. Support the regular ministerial performance reviews required for Defra ALBs, ensuring the best outcome for the OEP.

• Keep abreast of emerging issues and trends across all areas of the OEP’s responsibilities.