Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about our application and interview process. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, then please contact us by email at priorityrecruitment.grs@cabinetoffice.gov.uk

I have been offered an interview, but there are no slots on the system. What should I do?

Interview slots are uploaded on to the system on a rolling basis, and so it may appear that there are no available slots at the time you access your application centre. Please continue to check for interview slots on a daily basis. We will notify you by email when further interview slots become available. We cannot guarantee that you will receive your preferred choice of location for interview, however all candidates will receive an interview slot.

I am booked in to interview, but I am now unable to attend. Can I arrange another date?

You will need to notify the recruitment team by email as soon as possible. They will remove you from the slot and invite you to book into another slot. If there are no free slots, they will let you know if and when more interview slots are available. In the meantime, please keep checking the system and re-book your interview as soon as possible.

I cannot make the interview dates offered to me. Are there more dates/locations available?

Candidates are asked to note timetables in the advert, exercising flexibility, as it may not be possible to offer any alternative dates for assessments or interviews. However, if you are notified that this is a Rolling campaign when you are invited for interview, please keep checking the system and book into a slot when they become available. Generally, we try to ensure interviews are arranged as soon as possible after sifting.

I am abroad, and cannot make the interview dates. Can I have a video interview?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer video interviews at this time, for security reasons. We apologise for this inconvenience.

I have been offered an interview in one location, but I would like to work in a different location. Does this mean I cannot work in my preferred location?

The location of the interview does not impact your choice of working locations. We have more capacity in London to run interviews, which is why we offer more interviews there. If you have listed your preference in your application, this will be taken into account if you are successfully matched to a role.

Can I register my location preference when I apply?

Some of our roles are only available in certain locations. If your preferred location is not listed in the candidate pack, then the role is not offered there. Please note that, unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee that all successful candidates are able to work in their preferred location.

Can I claim travel expenses for attending my interview?

Unfortunately we are not able to reimburse travel costs, unless we have cancelled your interview. In that case, we will email you a spreadsheet to complete and return to us with a copy of your receipts. We will process this as soon as we can, and if it does not appear in your bank account within four weeks please let us know and we can chase the payment.

Can I speak to the vacancy holder?

For some of our campaigns, it may be possible for candidates to speak to the vacancy holder. Please contact the recruitment team and they will advise you whether this is possible for the role you are applying for and, if so, will provide you with contact details and appropriate dates and times.

Can I work from home? Can I have flexible working hours?

Defra proudly supports flexible working. You will need to agree your location and working arrangements with your line manager in advance of taking up post. If your role is not London based, it is important to note that, for some roles, regular travel to London is likely to be required.

If a campaign is extended, can I amend my application or submit a new one?

Candidates are only allowed to submit one application for a campaign and cannot amend once submitted.

When will my sift/interview results be released?

Timelines can vary per campaign depending on volume and availability. Generally, we try to ensure interviews are arranged as soon as possible after sifting. We try to ensure interview results are released within 20 working days of your interview.